About 2Step Dance
At 2Step Dance, we strive to bring our love of dance to all ages by sharing its beauty, power and vision in fresh and unique ways. We invite you to share our vision with us. Take a dance style you haven’t tried before, find a new fun way to get fit, make new friends that share your love of dance and improve your skills in all disciplines. We offer classes for everyone!
Our Mission
Encourage all students to perform to the best of their ability and be the best they can

  • Technique
    Every dance technique requires intense control, which improves core strength and reduces injury.
  • Fundamentals
    It is important to set the basics of dance training on firm fundamentals, to develop a positive outlook and self-discipline.
  • Environment
    2Step dance provides an environment which is relaxed, and follows a philosophy that learning to dance should be a positive experience, not pressured.
  • Professionalism
    2Step Dance students are taught to carry themselves in a professional manner on and off the stage, always remembering that performance is sometimes shared with an audience.
  • Have Fun!
    Dance is an art form to be enjoyed by all. With the range of classes on offer at 2Step, we encourage you to try out other styles and learn new skills, all whilst having fun!
  • Challenge Yourself
    For those who enjoy the buzz of competition and performing with team, why not try out for our Showteams? 

Our Teachers

2Step principals Rebecca and Nicole are very involved in all aspects of the studio from being the Principals of the studio and also teaching all the jazz classes, showteams and private lessons. Our teachers are all seasoned professionals and performers with a commitment to make each dancer the best they can be.

Meet the Teachers


Our Studio

2Step Dance has a custom built studio in a brand new complex in Seven Hills with spacious studios spanning over 400m2, ballet barres, wall mounted mirrors, acrobatics mats & equipment and a waiting area for parents.