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Glenn Wood Tap

Musicality, rhythm, and precision are the 'souls' of the tap; while the style from classic Vaudeville to today's funky street groove, is its heart.

Tap students will learn fast and technical footwork and  how to dance to different time signatures, counter-rhythms, turning skills with an aim for speed, and great routines.


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Age Indicator

  • Wiggle and Giggle +

    2 Years - 3 Years
  • Wiggle and Groove +

    4 Years - 5 Years
  • Pre Junior +

    5 Years - 6 Years
  • Junior +

    7 Years - 8 Years
  • Intermediate +

    9 Years - 10 Years
  • Pre Senior +

    11 Years - 12 Years
  • Senior +

    13 Years - 14 Years
  • Pre Advanced +

    15 Years - 16 Years
  • Advanced +

    17 Years and older
  • 1

Show Teams

Show Team is for students to participate in many eisteddfods throughout the year, and promotional work, to promote both themselves and the studio. Participation in Show Team is by invitation or audition only by teachers and in some cases there may be an audition.

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Exam Classes

Exams will be taken by those students who wish to take part every year. This will be in Ballet and Tap only. All classes will be learning exam work, but for those students participating, extra classes may be called closer to the exam time.


"When I first came to 2Step I was a bit worried but then when I met Nicole and Rebecca I knew I would be just fine. They introduced me to everyone at 2Step. They gave me a big hug and made me feel very welcome"

Alana - student

"From the first moment when I met the 2 sisters and owners of 2Step I knew it was the place. They were so approachable that I felt that I could completely express what I wanted from them. Not only did they listen but exceeded all of our expectations"

Jo - mum at 2Step

"My favourite part about being a dancer at 2Step is that all the teachers always give everyone a go and give everyone a chance to shine on stage"

Layla - student